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Super Social. Super Simple. Super Supportive.

Kitcal® connects the senior generation to family and caregivers, so keeping in touch daily is as easy as the touch of a button.

Super Social

Kitcal® allows the senior generation to stay socially connected to all of the great things their friends and whānau are doing.

Super Simple

The Kitcal® tablet is simple and intuitive by design, from its clear layout and large buttons to its easy-to-use emoji replies.

Super Supportive

Remote access to the Kitcal® tablet enables support from family and caregivers via their app, even when they can’t be there.

5 Key Features in Our Dedicated Tablet

With five intuitive features, Kitcal® is the simplest way for senior Kiwis to virtually connect with their nearest and dearest.

Keep In Touch

Two-way ‘check in’ and ‘request a voice or video call’ feature.


Receive text messages from friends and family via their mobile app.


Friends and family can share photos and videos to the Kitcal® tablet.


Appointments and reminders on the Kitcal® tablet are added remotely.

Self Help

Includes an inbuilt user guide.

Keep up to Date

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