Our Product

Kitcal® is a specially designed tablet that helps our senior generation stay socially connected to their whānau and friends.

Kitcal® gives back direct personal communication to seniors living in care and reduces social isolation for those still living independently.

Proudly designed and developed in New Zealand.

5 Key Features in Our Dedicated Tablet

With five intuitive features, Kitcal® is the simplest way for senior Kiwis to virtually connect with their nearest and dearest.

Keep In Touch*

The two-way ‘Keep In Touch’ feature allows Kitcal® users to send a message requesting a video or voice call or to simply ‘check-in’ to let you know they are OK. For peace of mind, you can schedule alerts requesting them to ‘check-in’.


Kitcal® helps whānau and friends stay connected with two-way messaging. Messages are sent to the Kitcal® tablet via the Kitcal® Companion mobile app; seniors using the Kitcal® tablet reply using a series of emojis.


The Kitcal® Calendar helps seniors to stay connected to events happening each day and week – from lawn bowls to family birthdays. It is managed remotely from the Companion mobile app, with alerts and reminders to help ensure nothing is missed.


Photos and videos can be sent from friends and family to the Kitcal® tablet; seniors using the Kitcal® tablet reply using a series of emojis.

Self Help

The ‘Self Help’ button has an inbuilt help guide with clear instructions and helpful tips for using Kitcal®.

*Calendar access and Keep In Touch available to ’Admin’ and ‘Carer’ Companions.

The Kitcal® Tablet

With Kitcal®, less is more. Designed specifically for the senior people in your life, it’s a dedicated, personalised tablet with a large display screen – no tricky keyboards or multiple apps to navigate.

Personalised Tablet

The Kitcal® tablet, with its single preloaded app, is personalised and ready to go straight out of the box.

Keyboard Free

The Kitcal® tablet is keyboard free. Seniors reply to messages and photos using a series of emojis.

Data Plan Included

No need for Wi-Fi or an internet account as the Kitcal® subscription covers monthly data.

Developed with Experts

Kitcal® was developed with help from healthcare professionals so that it’s easy to read with appropriate symbols, colours and fonts for senior family members.

Multilingual Options

The Kitcal® tablet is currently available in English.  It will soon be available in te reo Māori, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Easy Charging

A magnetic charging connection makes it simple to keep the Kitcal® tablet charged.

Repurpose Kitcal®

If the Kitcal® tablet is no longer needed, we can unlock the Kitcal® software so that the tablet can be used for other purposes after the subscription is cancelled.

The Kitcal® Companion App

With Kitcal®, family and friends can easily voice or video call or send photos and messages directly to the tablet and remotely manage the calendar via a dedicated mobile app.

Simply download the free Companion app on your smart phone to start connecting with the senior generation through their Kitcal® tablet.

Three types of Companions:

Admin Companion
Primary Account Control

Each Kitcal® device has an ‘administrator’ who oversees the account. The Admin Companion can customise the Kitcal® tablet remotely, including updating calendar events, requesting ‘check ins’ and inviting others to connect to the Kitcal® tablet.

Carer Companion
Additional Remote Control

Carer Companions (including the Admin companion) can customise the Kitcal® tablet remotely, including updating calendar events, requesting ‘check ins’ and inviting others to connect to the Kitcal® tablet.

Social Companion
Helping the Whole Family Keep in Touch

Social Companions are friends and family who do not need access to the ‘Calendar’ or ‘Keep in Touch’ functions. Like the ‘Admin’ and ‘Carer’ Companions, they are able to voice or video call, share photos, videos and messages with the Kitcal® user.


The Kitcal® system includes a dedicated tablet, unlimited connections via the Companion app, and a monthly subscription plan.

A Personalised, Dedicated Tablet

for $690

Kitcal® is more than just a tablet – it socially reconnects our senior generation with family, friends and the community. Kitcal® arrives personalised and preloaded, ready to go straight
out of the box. It comes with a magnetic charging connection and a data plan, so staying connected to the world is easy.

Unlimited Companions and 2GB or 5GB Data Plans

from $39 a Month

Kitcal® monthly subscriptions include unlimited Companions and a data plan – so users are immediately connected without needing Wi-Fi or a separate broadband account. Get 2GB of data for just $39 a month, or 5GB of data for $49.

More Details on our Product

  • 10” 4G Android tablet
  • Protective case
  • Timber stand with magnetic charging connection and stylus
  • A second timber stand, magnetic charging connection and stylus set for use in another room.
  • Screen cleaning cloth
  • A Help Guide for the Kitcal® tablet

  • Internet Data Plans:
    2GB of data at $39 per month (approximately 1.5 hours of video calling)
    5GB of data at $49 per month (approximately 6.5 hours of video calling)
    We reserve the right to bill monthly data overages at cost + 5%.
  • 4G required for video calling.  Check coverage here.
  • Unlimited Companions: Includes unlimited connections to Companions (friends & family) who can download the Kitcal® Companion app for free from the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Androids device)
  • No Contracts: the subscription can be cancelled at any time. Terms and conditions apply.

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